Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sayonara M & M

Saw and signed my first sayonara doll this week. I have avoided goodbyes generally as I don't tolerate them well. I am more for having known my friends, but I am now less for not having them around anymore. Goodbyes are tough. The internet does make it easier to keep up with friends in the four corners of the world, but you lose their presence, the moment stuff.

Have you noticed that some friends are new versions of old friends? It might sound strange, but it is like a shortcut to being able to jump quickly into a new version of a similar relationship, a root from which to grow a new friendship- like when you root a plant in a vase of water to grow a new one. I really want all of my friends in one place, but that will never happen. So when I meet someone who reminds me of an old friend, it is a short cut to a new friendship. When they leave, it feels like I've lost two friends. Tonight I said goodbye to Mimi & Monika, and I lost four friends.

Did I mention I hate goodbyes. I really, really hate goodbyes.