Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pottery Shards into Eye Candy

A friend and I were divving up our forty meter rolls of tatami heri (for making more purses when life is quieter and before we have our final shipments), when she showed me her current crafty project. It  happens to use some of those found pieces of blue and white pottery from the beach. She'll be moving to my Navy hometown of Pensacola next month. We're planning this to be our Short Bus crafty project since I have a rather large jar of blue and white shards from the shores of Kamakura, and I should be in said town this fall. Stay tuned for instructions in English somewhere around Thanksgiving.

I was inspired so I thought you might be as well. Or if nothing else, a little eye candy for the day (sweet Jane). I like the thought that even as adults, we can transform found treasures into something beautiful, memorable. When I see these shards I think of strolling the beach in Kamakura, the feel of gritty sand between my toes, the sound of the surf, and the glint of sunlight on the water while hawks circle overhead.

Blue & White pottery shards made anew!

Pottery shards from the beach- awaiting transformation
Supplies needed to make the candle holder

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