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The long version
In my sophomore year of college when my English literature professor suggested I redo a paper on Joseph Conrad's The Heart of Darkness or fail, I opted for stubbornness, despite his warning that critical analysis, not my own experience of the work, was expected of literature majors. Shortly thereafter, I chose another major.

I have often looked back on that day, standing before the stodgy greyed professor in his tweed jacket in the cool of the Florida panhandle and wondered if that was the right choice for me. In that one decision, I cut off developing my writing skills and buried my passion for words in a pointless stand that impacted no one more than myself. 

Living in Japan, cut off from my native tongue in daily life, I resuscitated that long lost wanna be writer residing just below my heart space in fits and starts with blogging. The more I wrote, the more I realized I needed to learn. I felt like No-Face (Kaonashi), the insatiable character from Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film, Spirited Away, there wasn't enough of anything to satisfy my writing itch to capture insight or insightful moments on the page.

I seek story telling chops to get the a-ha moments on the page. Nonfiction is my favorite genre, but a good story in a song, a standup routine, or a novel draws me in every time. Writing keeps my eyes sharp for details and prolongs the celebrations of joys and the learnings from failures. I can only hope to get better through practice, effort, and ongoing development. I hope you'll keep reading, it encourages me.

The short version
Kim Jordan is a fifth generation hillbilly from Appalachia with five degrees, none of which are in storytelling, but she writes the blog, Consider the Thought in pursuit of a-ha moments anyway. Kim likes beer with cake, long walks, and time at home with all her loves- one honey bunny, two munsters, and three ratties.

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