Friday, June 11, 2010

Life with munsters

Awakened at 4 am with the words, "Mama, I'm sick." I pull myself from the warmth of bed to the world of my son who wanders into the bathroom disrobing. I step into a warm pile of vomit. Ah, life with the living; we are so messy.

An hour later, all are clean and back in bed. At 6 am, my daughter begins spraying my hair with some kind of hair product. I am still in bed so I protest. At 7 am, I am blissfully unaware of their next project, but by 8 am the ramifications of leaving wide awake children unattended is evident as I walk into my kitchen- a sea of pink and green dye, epsom salt crystals scattered about the floor, and the pungent aroma of eucalyptus essential oil. They made bath salts all by themselves. The dinning table has been set with tea cups, glasses of chocolate milk, bowls of cheerios, and buttered toast- it's been there a while. Luckily they make most everything on the kitchen floor when they do stuff- we don't have much counter space.

Really what can I say? They tried so hard to make something nice. It was such a good thought. I chalk this one up to life with munsters. 

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