Thursday, September 9, 2010

Words of Wisdom

This past weekend my husband and his friend hiked Mt. Fuji from the shrine to the summit, a considerably longer hike than usual. They stayed overnight to witness the sunrise. This hike has provided endless amusement for me this week and some fear as I plan to hike it this coming weekend (from station 5). My husband said of the mountain, "it is humbling." It was a lot of work to climb Mt. Fuji despite the fact that many do it. Watching the two of them model blisters and walk like Frankenstein sends me into giggles again mostly out of fear for what the mountain will do to me too. I asked my husband repeatedly for gear advice. He finally said, "don't take anything you don't need." "Like what?" I asked. He says, "Don't take a book." I totally cracked up at that. "You carried a book up Mt. Fuji?" I asked incredulous. He apparently thought he would be sitting around the mountain hut restless. Turns out his friend really carried the book up Mt. Fuji since my husband got into an exhaustive state the first day. He was suffering from jet lag having just returned from the States and it being the hottest summer on record in Japan. They both talked about water as if it were the elixir of life. They basically felt you just need a lot of water, some warm clothes for the top, and then a lot of grit. I am hoping I am ready.

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