Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can't always get what I want

We sold a house so we could buy a house, but now we can't buy the house. I feel bummed. My kids think it will be better this way- they want to build a house.

How to rectify the frustration of not getting what I want? Sounds like something I need to teach my kids. Apparently, I need another dose of it too.

Letting go of attachment sounds like a Zen lesson too. I think I'd best go meditate right now. Let me get back to this.


  1. A super-basic technique a friend recommends: focus on what you want, in detail (and it might even be better than the house you have put an offer on--let yourself dream fully), don't worry about how it will come into being, and let yourself feel how much, and all the ways, that you would enjoy it, with no worries about how to bring it into being. And sit with those feelings of enjoyment and pleasure.

  2. I have the "should have" syndrome- I focus on the after part instead of the now part too much! Thank you for the encouragement.


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