Saturday, March 12, 2011


Grateful to be here today after seeing the video clips of destruction by the earthquake and tsunami up north from us, concerned about the nuclear plant and risk of radiation leaks, but I am feeling flat and unsure here. The earth shook all night. Today it seems calmer and quieter. Still I feel a bit unsure of whether the earth is done trying to shake us off. The tsunami was so fast- scarily chomping up an entire town. There it goes again even as I type this earth shaking.

We rode our bikes up to town which was eerily quiet for touristy Kamakura. We ate some udon and bought groceries. We noted a few business travelers who looked like they were just returning from Tokyo now that the trains are running. The messages and notes from friends and family helped calm our nerves through this. We had no real damage beyond our frayed nerves and a few dishes. This disaster does not feel over.

The Japanese have so calmly held things together: electric workers swarming the lines; volunteers maintaining a tsunami warning vigil at the beach; people walking for hours to get home; no one jumping line or hoarding in the shops; neighbors checking in with each other; etc. Milk was even delivered today! What to do except to try to get back to normal and not let the shakes spook us. I think it is time to make some chocolate cupcakes in an effort to normalize and comfort ourselves along with praying ceaselessly for all touched by loss.

Peace be with you.

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