Monday, March 14, 2011


We are ok here in Kamakura. We are about 200 miles south of the disaster zone. The base has scrambled about every resource they have to help up north of us; the ships & personnel are gone. The base is fairly empty. The reactors are not stable so the electricity issue and fallout will be on our minds.

The Red Cross (check on the web) has a donate to Japan Tsunami Relief option so please do so if you are able.

We are not sure how things will settle out at this point. We are going day to day. Japan, the whole country, will be experiencing 4 hour rolling blackouts daily until the end of April as currently planned to deal with electric energy shortages. Here in Kamakura, we are fine. It is not so cold as to be worrisome at night. We have gas for cooking. We have water. We have some candles & batteries for the short term- we will be figuring out the pioneer lighting for dinner & story time. We will of course not have our internet phone or internet during the blackout times. Hopefully, our local home phone and cell phones will continue to work. The trains will be down which will slow everything down as so much moves via rails here. Ben will continue to ride his bike to work as long as the rain doesn't hold him up. We will mostly be staying put here in Kamakura as getting out on the roads is tiresome and trips can take a while since so many more people are having to also use the roads. Food wise we are also fine and I don't anticipate anything more than short term shortages due to transportation issues. Plus we have access to the base so there is plenty there. I noted a lot of Japanese mamas were shopping with me today at the base. We're stocked on batteries, candles, soap, food, etc.

Pray for those who lost. Do NOT watch too much repetitive mind numbing disaster TV- it will solve nothing. Keep those who have lost in your heart and mind, but please do not dwell on that which can not be changed. Do something nice for someone near you today- a kind word, a kind thought, that is the medicine we all need- watch the sunset, the bees buzz, take a deep breath, and say your prayers for those reactors to not make a mess.

Peace be with you.

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