Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aloha Hawaii

Friday the 13th, twice. That means we are in Hawaii, well the Hilton Hawaiian Village; it is very nice- beautiful flowers, lots of flowing water, a very clean beach, and real palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze. They have pink flamingos, turtles and koi by the dozens, and even penguins on the grounds. In the evening there are tiki torches. The lobbies and elevator areas are open-air. It feels pampered and safe; it is not real life. I noted the homeless guys chatting together on our way to the Pho shop only a few blocks away, but still the air here is something and that real life stuff is not for vacation.

Upon arrival at the airport the Moose threw up and continues to throw up with every sip he drinks. Swimming in the pool cured him temporarily, but we can only hope tomorrow will be better. He said, "I'm tired of my stomach doing this." Me too.

A tropical paradise full of flesh- an overwhelming amount of skin was on display at Waikiki Beach today; bikinis are popular not matter your age or body type. When we returned from the Middle East, I had a similar shock- all of those legs in shorts in DC about did me in. It's always the tourists. Except for the high school to college crowd in Japan and the occasional naked kiddo, beach attire is modest in Kamakura- lots of swim shorts and coverups when not in the surfer wet suit uniform.

It is loads of fun to people watch here- the beauties, the beasts, the babies, the workers, and people from everywhere. In Japan, we stick out; here we blend in to the point we can't keep track of each other.

I had a bit of Glamour "Dos and Don'ts" running in my head while whiling away time at the kid's pool. One gentleman wearing a light khaki shirt and white pants struck me as a glamour don't with his heavy black shoes. He was standing at the edge of the children's pool talking for a while. I had the thought, "He's not southern or he would know he should get a pair of bucks to go with that outfit." Funny thing was though, when he sat down at one of the pool side tables, he was wearing RED socks! Those socks screamed, "Look at me!" Perhaps the black shoes were there to ground the socks. I have never seen a man wear socks that red. I'd guess he was a Californian as after noting the socks I was curious as to why someone would wear such outrageous socks in flipflop-Croc land. That's when I noted he was trim, tan, and that his clothes fit well so I decided he must think of the socks as a fashion statement. Who knows, but it was the thought that entertained me in my weary jet lag that takes you back a day and adds five hours in time, sigh.

The Moose has been dragging me around to the various signs to read them to him- explaining the statues and animals on display along with a few Hawaiian myths. We saw the Aloha Friday Fireworks, and I sit listening to Hawaiian music being sung as I type this outside on the balcony. The Moose has no legs so we are hoping an early night will help everyone's internal clock adjust. I keep thinking of some of the myths I read today. The myths often have something to do with death. Growth seems to come from death- the death of something or someone.

I am curious to see what effect Hawaii has on my disposition. I would guess it will be correlated with the Moose's stomach.

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