Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Visit an Old Haunt of a Sort

Parenting: a War of Attrition
I went to the library today. It has been a long while since I have been there. The munsters checked out at least twenty books- from braiding hair to Alexander the Great to Vikings to Fancy Nancy. We also managed some park time which should have expended a fair amount of their energy, but alas, somehow they always have more. Their ability to exhaust me is limitless. If parenting is a war of attrition then I am doomed. I think I am supposed to wear them down over time, but instead, daily they use me up and spit me out. They are getting major assistance from the heat of summer as well.

Library Walks
After selecting books, the munsters sent me on my way to find some books so that they could play computer games. I happily complied. I haven't wandered much in a library for a while. It is a sign that even the Moose is gaining some independence at least when a computer game is involved. Before munsters, I spent a lot of time in libraries. Not just as a student, but also because I just like books. As a teenager, upon moving from Spain to Southern Maryland I found myself at the local library daily. I can't remember how far it was, but I'd guess it was about a mile from my house. I walked there most days after school. I can't say I was in there doing any in-depth reading, but I know a lot about eighties supermodels from all those issues of Vogue magazine I read.

In my senior year I got strep throat back to back which took me out of commission for two months. When I had resumed my walks to the library people came out of the woodwork to ask where I had been. I had had no idea anyone had noticed.

The library today reminded me that I used to spend a lot of time there. It was nice to roam the aisles and read the book titles if only to imagine that it would be worth staying up all night to read this book or that book.

There was a time when I watched two movies in one day, when I stayed up all night reading novels, when I could sleep until late afternoon, when I had no idea what time it was when I walked out into the night from the darkroom happy with my photos and into my house where my mother was livid that I had been gone all evening.

With kiddos in my life, I do a lot of things for others, and I can't sleep in even when I try, which isn't often. I never thought that could happen to me. I wouldn't trade the new for the old times, but I miss some of those parts of me that I haven't seen in a while.

I will return to the library soon.

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