Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad Mama

Friends tell me it's the salt water that got into the trees from the typhoon
A week ago I was a mere puddle of melting humanity, but with the sudden arrival of fall weather I have congealed. I am in search of my sweaters. The tree leaves in Kamakura look as if they took a mighty blow, they are brown and dry, even on the hillsides. As they hang onto their branches, let's hope the leaves will attempt to delight us with their colors anyway.

A Bad Mama
We realized the Moose had in his pursuit of Aztec and Mayan links on Youtube found movie clips from Apocalypto the 2006 Mel Gibson film depicting Mayan civilization and human sacrifices. I thought he was watching Lego clips or listening to songs until he told me he had watched something he should not have. He said, "I can't get it out of my head." When I asked him, "Do you want to talk about it?" He said, "No, because it makes me think of it." Sigh, I am a very bad mama. This morning I told him, "I watched the Youtube clips on the Mayans last night. That was pretty scary. You know it was from a movie? The first time I watched it I was really scared too. That isn't something you should watch- it's not for kids. I am really sorry that you watched that." He got this big smile on his face kind of like when someone is embarrassed and yet is glad to get something off their chest. "Next time you come across something like that, maybe you should ask Mama or Dada about it first," I said. I also asked him, "How many times did you watch it?" He sheepishly grinned and said, "Two times." "Really, only two times?" I asked. "Ok, five or six," he said.

I removed the Youtube App from the iPad realizing that without ratings this can happen. I told the munsters, "I took the Youtube button off of the iPad." The Mule said, "What? Now what do we do when we want to listen to our songs?" I told them, "When I can supervise." I like that they can find songs on their own, but usually the songs are not easily found for sale like her hula routine song. When I can find them, I buy them. We'll see how this goes.

I feel bad about not keeping a better eye on the video watching. The Moose kept asking to take the iPad upstairs to watch Youtube. I thought it was to play with his Playmobil guys or to inspire a costume. I was out duped by a six year old; it feels ridiculous. Truth is I was happy to have been left alone to cook or clean or read or whatever I was doing instead of keeping an eye on him.  My husband was really the one who watched the Youtube clips- I don't have the stomach to do it again, I saw the  movie when it came out, but to watch those clips again and again? If I wasn't married to a shrink, I might be seeing one to get through the Moose's childhood.

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