Friday, September 9, 2011

Okaen- A Recycle Shop

Okaen is an electic shop with parts from old Japanese houses- lots of doors, windows, and wood, along with a few other finds. My friend purchased wood at the shop and had a dinning room table made from it. There were other fun things that caught my eye such as an old tool for caring for a thatched roof- more of a relic now and lots of traditional field backpack baskets from the agrarian days. My favorite piece was the barrel stove with all of the tea pots, but I think they were using that to make their lunch. There were a few garden pieces as well as bric-a-brac and lots of old pots that were lined with metal. My friend explained that hot ashes were kept in these pots and a tea kettle was then kept over the hot ashes throughout the day to keep tea hot and at the ready. They are decorated because they were kept in the living room. Now you more often see the electric hot pot in the kitchen which keeps water at the ready. Take a look.

"Open from 10 until Sunset"

Table made from the recycled wood
Okaen- lots of wood from torn down buildings
Tool for cleaning your thatched roof

My favorite item- the barrel stove & tea pot
More pots- looks like cooking for lunch

I loved this 5 tier stone lantern
There were lots of these pots- ashes kept in the bowls (lined with metal) kept the teapot warm

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