Sunday, October 30, 2011

Evolution of a Halloween Pumpkin

The Beginning

My husband and I met on Halloween. I was a gypsy fortune-teller. He claimed he was J. Robert Oppenheimer. "Oh, the nuclear guy," I replied. He thought I was brilliant (for the South). I asked him, "Are you a pilot?" "No," he replied. "Good, then you can talk to me," I said. Our auspicious beginning.

Time Passages

Ten years later we were in an hospital room three weeks too early. I knew I wasn't going home despite the test results the doctor was just bringing into the room. I started to cry. The doctor looked up from the paper he was carrying and said, "You can go home. Why are you crying?" I boohooed, "My water just broke, and I'm not ready." As if you are ever ready for children.

Eight more years later, a cowgirl with her horse and a Roman with his shield run about the darkened paths enjoying trick-or-treat with a few friends in Japan. The weather is fine though with the sunset at 16:46 p.m., my camera flash struggles to light the evening's events: trick or treaters rushing about, birthday cake chomping, and piñata bashing. On past Halloweens, we've had a baby, a pumpkin, a princess, a jack-o-lantern, a bear, a duck, a mermaid, a shark, Darth Vader, a ghoul, Indiana Jones, Totoro, the Tooth Fairy, and a few stubborn moments of refusing to wear costumes at the last minute.

This is a self-indulgent trip down memory lane, but I am happy to count my blessings. Happy Birthday!
Halloween Münster Arriving 2003 
Pumpkin Patch 2004
Halloween Pumpkin 2004
Pumpkin Patch with the her new baby brother, the Moose,  2005
A Duck & a Jack-o-lantern 2005

Teddy Bear, Halloween, 2005? 2006?
Princess, 2006- she loved this dress and wore it to shreds
A Mermaid, Halloween 2007
2007- the dress reemerges
Birthday 2008- refused to wear her costume
Darth Vader & a Fairy 2008
The Tooth Fairy, Halloween 2009
A Ghoul, Halloween 2009
Totoro & Indiana Jones, Halloween 2010
Sheik, Halloween 2010
Jedi OBen-one-kenobi & Princess Leia, 2011

A Roman with his shield, Halloween 2011
Happy Halloween  2011
A Cowgirl and her horse and a Witch, Halloween 2011

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