Monday, December 5, 2011


A Beach Run

The weather was beautiful as the first graders toughed out a 600 meter beach run while the surfers endured a lull. The Moose needed some encouragement to keep running with an ache in his side, but he did it! At the back of the pack in black, the principal ran along giving moral support- I loved that! I enjoy watching footraces and the kids had their hearts on their faces- it was touching to see them work so hard. The kids from Omachi (our neighborhood) made their mothers proud, those long daily walks to and from school paid off as there were several boys and girls who placed within the top ten.

My Cookbook is Done!

I toughed out the last bit on my cooking class cookbook and published it today. There is a link at the top. It has 145 pages and over 90 recipes from Nansai Sensei's monthly cooking classes from 2010 to 2011. Every recipe has a photo. I did my best to capture the recipe and the photos while participating fully in the class which meant having to prepare my own dish while trying to keep track of all of the other dishes- in Japanese of course. I do get help with recipe translations- still it is pretty confusing. I chalk up cooking class also as my language class. I will likely leave Japan knowing the Japanese words for a lot of vegetables and a bit more about the fighting spirit. Ganbare!

The face of agony
600 meter beach run for the 1st graders
Mamas cheering them on!

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