Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Our son will not be a pilot nor a flight surgeon. He gets car sick, air sick, but otherwise he has yet to miss a day of school due to illness. He was so happy with himself on our flight today because he threw up in the "air sickness bag" instead of all over himself as happened on our trip to Hawaii. Traveling with children involves body fluids. Despite carrying clothes, wipes, toys, drinks, and snacks, a parent is never fully prepared. I cover the basics, but still, something elludes me in my time of need. Today I needed a rhino dart- it's Christmas, Santa came, we opened way too many gifts, and we took a trip to see snow.

The munsters have their own room next to ours in the hotel. They have a phone and our phone number. They have called three times already. It is after ten in the evening. They asked me to come over, "Don't let Dada come over. He's scarier than you are!" My gracious reply, "Well, you better go to bed or he will come over." The next call Dada answered. Now it is quiet, and I am sipping beer from a drink machine in bed. "Can you drink beer in bed?" I asked my husband. He said, "You're on vacation, you can do whatever you want."

Merry Christmas! Peace be with You! Fear Not!

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