Wednesday, January 25, 2012

College & Storytime

A Conversation
"When I grow up, I want to live next door to you. I don't want to go to college," said the Moose tonight. I responded, "You can live next door to me if you like, but you'll need a job." I thoughtfully added, "If you go to medical school maybe you can take over the practice, but you'll have to go to college to do that, or you could teach at the University, but you'll have to go to college to do that too. Why are you worrying about going to college anyway?" He said, "I don't want to go away." I told him, "By the time you can go to college, you'll want to go away." He said with some frustration, "I don't even know where to go to college!" "Maybe you can go where your dad and Uncle M went, even GaGa went there." The Moose asked, "Where did Uncle N go?"

The situation diffused, he went back to his usual pursuits- Playmobil and Lincoln Logs, with some General in the Landsknecht Army attacking other Germans and conquering all before him with his mighty sword and "Look Mama! Mama, look at his hat. It protects him." I'm pretty sure the hat was from one of his sister's garden fairies; it looked like a gold Hershey Kiss.

Why is a six year old thinking about college? The last time he hyper focused on an out of the norm train of thought we found that he had been secretly watching video clips from the movie Apocalypto on Youtube. The trials of modern parenting.

When we finally headed up to bed, the Moose, being tired, started wearing costumes. He tried on his new chain mail from Aunt C. Then he tried on his knight's chain mail. He tore up the toy chest trying to find his hat with the nose guard. Meanwhile, his sister decided to get crafty and dug through all of my yarn which still sits in a pile by my nightstand instead of in the bag behind my nightstand.

The Threat
Fifteen minutes before bedtime, I bellow out a threat from the bed, as I'm the only one there, "You'll have to go to bed with no story tonight!" The Moose yells back, "Just a minute Mama!" He returns with, "It's your favorite!" and hands me Streganona. I read the part about her being a witch and he assures me, "She's a good witch. She helps people."

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