Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Face Tells

Today with the sun shinning I wanted to get some color ideas so paint chips in hand, I squatted over our rugs for nearly two hours. I have loved my rugs for a long time and they are full of colors. Three hundred paint chips later I sorted out the colors for painting our house. It's great to have this chance, but the number of options is overwhelming. It feels tedious like work does when you are in the weeds and you put your head down and keep it down until you're done. Then my husband came home and made a face. We changed one of the colors. Such is life.

I am going on retreat this weekend. I can't decide if I should write or not write. I haven't really been on retreat before. It seems I should have time to write, therefore I will not write. Some how I am not inspired to do what I should do.

The Moose gave me a seedling, a yard clipping from a pine tree, two origami samurai helmets, a paper flag, and a tiny folded note with scribble on it today- my treasure. The pine tree clipping is in a vase and the origami is on the fridge with the flag and note. He listened to more Bill Cosby stories. He asked me to help him think of some ninja stories. He doesn't think there are enough ninja stories in the world. I asked him, "Which power would your ninja have?" "Kuji magic power!" he responded. "What would your weapon be?" I inquired. "A sword. Well, all of them. Ninjas have a lot of weapons." That pretty much terminated our need for a ninja story. That boy thinks about swords night, dusk, and day.

The Mule is too easy. She went to piano, did her homework, and asked, "Can I play with your iPad?" She watched a video with the headset while I hustled the Moose to do his homework and cooked dinner. Later in the tub, she asked me, "When did the 'children should be seen and not heard' end?" I laughed. She's listened to a fair amount of Bill Cosby stories as well thanks to her brother.

I meant to make chicken soup as I have chicken stock already, but I got sidetracked with the thought of pie. I made Shepherd's pie again. I did try something new though- with the extra pastry I made raspberry tartlets. My husband's face looked like he liked those.

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