Friday, March 16, 2012

Bitten by the Bug

Flu Days

In Japan children don't get off from school for snow days as all of the children walk to school- there is no bus to worry about navigating snowy roads. However, they do get flu days off. When a certain threshold of children sick with the flu peaks, then the particular class is canceled. This results in part from the majority of the children not being immunized for the flu and kids being kids, they are the plague ship rats that spread the disease and take the rest of us out of commission.

The Moose's class had been canceled earlier for two days, but my children, being immunized, had managed to skate through flu season unscathed. Then I got bitten by some version of the bug. It took me down- I was falling asleep five hours before my usual bedtime. My husband arrived home several nights this week to a dinner table full of dishes and a sink full of pots while I was passed out in front of the kerosene heater, fully dressed and wearing my cooking apron. I have finally made the turn. I managed to clear the table and wash the dishes before he arrived home last night.

I didn't let a bug deter me from my sewing, however, and I did roust myself to get my now repaired camera lenses. I had to skip out on the Japanese Nail Party which I hope to go to when school resumes in the spring. I did also attend a luncheon with a guest speaker that discussed the pearl industry and how to buy pearls. Unfortunately with all of our money in our new old house it will be a few more years before I will be considering pearls. The pearls are lovely and because the Japanese control the industry, there is every kind of pearl here in Japan- the black Tahitian, the pink, the cream, the oddly shaped. I can only hope to find an excuse another time.

The End Nears

This week was the last of the full days of school. Next week there are only a few half days and then the current school years ends, only to resume at the beginning of April with everyone advanced to the next grade. I dread having the Moose start second grade as the amount of work will increase and though he has made vast strides in his Japanese, I have concerns that it will be tough, perhaps tougher on me since it bothers me more than him when he is not doing well. The Mule keeps flying through Japanese school life with ease. I swear this blonde blue eyed girl was born Japanese in another life or at least has an Asian heart, something.

A Zipper

My ever favorite bag lady taught me how to do a zipper. A zipper foot for my machine is on order from the States. When it comes, I will practice more. I learned a lot and of course made a lot of mistakes. I keep making mistakes, but it doesn't deter me. All of my fabric is from the remnant section at Swany so I do not feel any creative impediments to making things and making mistakes.

I worked very hard on a bag last night, still unfinished, only to realize I cut the patterned fabric upside down so as cute as it is, the design is upside down. The bag itself is made better than the first one I did and I managed to do it by myself. Win some, lose some. I was really making it for my mom so it will be a little longer before I can make her retirement gift. She retires at the end of the month so my time is running short.

I am loving the plastic or wax coated fabric from Swany. I made the small pouch with my first zipper with my Short Bus Sewing Circle, and then I made a small book bag on my own, no zipper of course.

Zipper bag with fabric from Swany 
Small book bag with fabric from Swany

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