Saturday, April 21, 2012

Organize Me

Magic Incantation
‎"Piles, piles, everywhere, find a place for everything thing that is everywhere," a magic incantation I wish would work!

Our home office fills me with dread. Toys are piled haphazardly along the perimeter, guitars line the window, amplifiers are stacked in a corner, bookshelves flank the desk, Christmas decorations block access to the front of one book shelf, snow skis lean against the desk and cover access to the power cords, crafting supplies spew from a cabinet, camera bags and lenses block the closet which is loaded with DVDs, linens, towels, and military uniforms, and an old computer sits on a stack of plastic bins, usable, but so slow that even the seven year old avoids it. What to do?

Organizing Mantra
The organizing mantra is "like with like" and "everything has one place to live." Meanwhile, I have office supplies in my dining room, stamps in my kitchen drawer and wallet, markers in the bins near the kids's backpacks, and more scissors than fit into a cup in yon window sill. The tea is in the kitchen and the teapot is in the dining room. Like is not with like. Things live in several places.

I want to organize my house, but I fear it will take too much time. My sister-in-law suggested I tackle things in fifteen minute intervals. This feels like it is just long enough to uncover a mess, become distracted by children or some random task, and there by make a bigger mess. Each week I think maybe this week. Some weeks little bits get done, but truly shaping and organizing and creating a meaningful system in which to work and interact has not happened. To find one place for everything, I dream.

The higher the pile, the greater my urgency. The mess taunts me, speaks of waste and inefficiency. My husband grumbles about storage, but I sense this is more of a system problem.

As we approach a move, a career change, and a long term commitment to one house, we have the opportunity to free ourselves of the vague unease created with so much excess. It is part of what is driving me crazy- I want to move and then sort it out in the new house, but that move feels farther away each week instead of nearer.

Time to Seize the Day
I am a woman in search of a better system for managing life, papers, and the bits of sentimental clutter that find their way into the many piles that are choking the air that I breathe. I long for space, serenity, and a system where I know exactly what to do and what belongs where. It is time to seize the day.

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