Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we Carry

I got a call from the Moose on his way home from school yesterday.

Son: My backpack is too heavy. I'm feeling kind of hot.  
Mother: You have to walk home. 
Son: I have so many books, my backpack is kind of heavy so I can't run. 
Mother: Just walk as fast as you can. 
Son: Ok.

An hour later when the Moose arrived at home, he pulled from his pant's pocket two fabulous rocks he had found. Later, going through his backpack in search of the health papers I'm supposed to fill out, I found four more rocks.

Mother: Why do you have these rocks in your backpack? 
Son: Mama, they are so smooth. 
Mother: There are four of them. You called me to complain about your backpack being heavy and yet you have rocks in it. 
Son: I had to bring them home. They are so nice Mama. Look at how smooth they are.

It reminded me that it is our view of what we carry around with us that weighs us down. In the Moose's mind it wasn't those rocks that were the problem, it was those darned school books.

Moose wearing his backpack and thermos, off to school once more

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