Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy Day

The Sound of Water

I awake to the sound of water. I wonder who is taking a bath so early. My husband is sleeping next to me, the room is cool and the windows are open. I put on a sweater. It feels cold with so much moisture in the air. The sound is not the bathtub, it is outside. Water is running, gushing, down the hillside, down the creek to the sea. It is not quite the rainy season yet, but it feels like it. I always forget about the rain and the loudness of the water here. Japan is green for a reason.

Teru-Teru Bozu

 In June when it is considered the rainy season the temperatures will be warmer and steam will penetrate and coat everything. It will feel sticky. Children have traditionally made teru-teru bozu to wish for good weather and are associated with the season. The dolls made of white cloth or paper, look like ghosts, and has something to do with bald zen guys. They hang from strings in front of windows and doors pining for sunshine. I'm ready to make one.

Stay! Go!

 It is Golden Week in Japan and so the children are off from school. We are surrounded by laundry and our plans for beach combing will have to wait. Maybe tomorrow. My children don't want to leave the house. They don't get enough time at home. I want out of the house where I spend so much time. Everywhere I look there is work to do. My need to escape is trumped by their need to stay. Let's hope for sunshine tomorrow.
An random street performer event we encountered. I couldn't resist the hair dos!

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