Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Room of One's Own

The empty house has at last offered the Munsters a room of their own. After the pack out, I wiped down the walls and closet shelves, mopped the floors, and placed the pink duffle bag into the Mule's room and the blue duffle bag into the Moose's room. When the front door burst open after school, the Mule was the first up to see her own room, eight years in the making.

I followed upstairs a bit later to find a sign on the Mule's door. How do they figure these things out? She can't spell in English- she's been in Japanese school for five years, but she's open for business. She instructed me to knock first. Apparently, she is accepting new patients. My husband asked if she had a jar for her fees. I suggested we not give her any ideas.

"Dr. Xan J (backward) Dr. Xan"- sign on the Mule's door
When the loaner furniture was delivered at day's end from the Navy base, the Mule instructed the Japanese delivery guys on where the beds were to go. I heard a lot of discussion in Japanese. Finally I went up to see for myself what was taking so long. She had them not only assemble the bedframes, but she had them make their beds! I think they were impressed with our blonde nihonjin and they felt bad that the queen sized box spring would not fit up our stairwell- our mattress is on the floor. We're protected from the elements which beats camping.

The Mule is thrilled with having privacy despite being the one who talks for hours at night to her brother. The Moose was more concerned about "sleeping by myself" stuff, but he fell asleep as usual. Today he discovered the beauty of your own space, in your own room- the big set up. He did grumble that I didn't save enough horses for him, but it looks like, to me, he did just fine. Mama discovered that when munsters have a room of their own that backpacks and school paraphernalia can be kept in the room's closet. Everyone is happy.

Open space is marvelous- roller skating anyone?

The Moose has plenty of space for a big set up

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