Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bag for a Sensei

Today is the last day of piano lessons for my children. The sensei is a lovely cheerful person that has tolerated the lack of piano practice on my children's end with kindness and positive encouragement. She has made music and lessons fun. I can only hope that they always have such teachers.

This is the third tatami heri bag I have sewn. They are getting better, though, I will abstain from pointing out its flaws. I do, however, love how the color and pattern came together. I was also pleased with my seam folding and unfolding as I did it right this time despite the photo's less than stellar propping. This is only one of about eight I had hoped to sew before I leave. I think I'll be revamping that plan. No time! My sewing machine will leave me too soon.

Tatami-heri Bag

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