Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hanabira! Fireworks at Zushi Beach

I have never washed so much sand down the bathtub drain as I did last night after spending the evening on Zushi Beach awaiting the fireworks display--the sand had to do with a two year old and a couple of munsters I know playing the burying game which was more of an excuse to throw sand everywhere. I have also never spent a more pleasant evening on the beach awaiting the fireworks, it was cool, windless, and we had awesome beach blanket real estate thanks to our friend and his family's stakeout.

Our friend told us that before 3/11 (the big one to date), the fireworks had always been held later in summer when all of the beach buildings were in place. In Japan, as summer nears, July and August, restaurants and bars assemble makeshift shacks for food and beverage service on the beach. At summer's end, they are taken down and stowed for the next year. Last year there were no fireworks and so this year the decision was made to have the fireworks before the beach build up to maximize real estate for the viewing public, and it was fabulous!

I was intimidated by the thought of a hundred thousand people at the beach, but it was not an issue. Besides it is Japan and crowds behave ever so politely, grocery shopping on the other hand is more of a contact sport.

As "We will Rock You" blasted away, coordinating fireworks were shot from the three barges sitting just off the coast. It ended with the 1812 Overature. My husband snapped the camera furiously, but missed the family favorite, a smiley face. There were big fireworks, double shots, colors, shapes, and noise coordinated with music. There were even fireworks purchased by individuals for loved ones, kind of like those sell a brick for a sidewalk fundraiser. The gran finale was spectacular and rousing.

Put it on your list to do next year, if you are here!

Hanabira! Fireworks at Zushi Beach
Heart shaped fireworks
Arriving Zushi Beach

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