Thursday, July 19, 2012

Resisting Guacamole

A giant bowl of guacamole, a call for two AA batteries, and I'm torn. Torn between indulging in a favorite food and the reality that without returning to Japan my svelte figure stands to deteriorate to the local norm which is not promising. Torn between saving the batteries for my wireless keyboard versus making two kiddos happy with a functioning remote.

Vacation lets me think about too much crap. I like my routines and the busyness of everyday life. As if I have a clue about what an everyday life is with a transcontinental move a mere three days ago. I need to read, but I have no books with me. Everything is on my iPad for this adventure. An iPad is not a good call for beach week. This is beach week though we only spend two hours a day at the beach.

I stare off at the kiddos. I fall asleep on the patio-- it pleasant but warm so it's hard to resist. I have no defined role in this chaos of a family gathering. It feels harder to pull away to indulge in my own pursuits. Widgeting amongst others seems acceptable as some traipse off for shopping adventures and others read. Widgeting is kind of like perusing a magazine in company, it works but interruptions make it less than ideal.

Incoming margaritas stir my brain which is slowly evolving from a time warp fog as it is. It seems wrong to add to the cacophony of chaotic signals, but I can muster no reasons to resists.

Guacamole from 9 avocados!

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