Monday, August 6, 2012

Moving In

If three trucks fulls of stuff pulled up outside your abode about right now, you might be buried under for a week or two. Well, that is what happened in our little corner of the world this past week. It is mostly shaping up save a few piles I aim to deal with sooner or later. In the meantime, I keep wearing the same clothes because I can't reach the ones that I tossed onto the top shelf in the hurculean effort to get the boxes out of the house. I'm not looking so fancy these days, but our house is pretty sweet. What we've got is sunshine, space, and comfort!

As we settle into our house and tweak where to keep the cups, forks, and how to use our new appliances, I can only marvel at how much easier it all is than living in Japan. It helps that my husband has been home and working around the clock and that there are grandparents here too. Many hands make a light load is so true. I am beyond thrilled to have a washing machine with hot water that can be stuffed and cleans! I have a dryer and room for drying racks. We hung several pictures, a mirror, and a rug on our walls, none of which were allowed in Japan. We have a dishwasher that is easy to use and holds our dishes versus hand washing everything. We even ordered some rockers for our front porch just in time for our upcoming wedding anniversary. I'm liking the hills of Ohio.

The fruition of the Mule's yearlong campaign to go to horse camp came to pass today. A bulletin board posting at a local coffee shop for a four day horse camp made it an easy find. Today was the first day.

The Mule told me all about manure duty, and the Moose, who a month ago was afraid of a toy poodle, told me all about grooming a horse! The Mule reported that the Moose was shaking a bit while he brushed the horse, but his thrill with himself and the horse were palpable. What an exciting moment of mastery for a little boy to realize that he could stroke a giant horse. He also mentioned that it was, "good for history so I can study cavalry." They reviewed the names of the eight horses they met at camp, many of the names included gemstones. The Moose's favorite horse was old and blind, "in one eye but not the other." At day's end when I asked the Mule her favorite part of horse camp she returned to manure duty and reported that it was fun but heavy to shovel the manure. This week's horse camp is an introduction to horses and does not include any riding lessons. They started lobbying for those as soon as they left the grounds. 

The cable guy pulled up just after five this evening to install our internet. It's nice to reconnect. I do aim to write more regularly now that some of the moving hurdles have been cleared, but first I have an article to edit!

Moving trucks arriving


  1. Appliances that work = carbon footprint up?

    "Horse Camp" - wow. Lucky kiddiwinks. I am very jealous. Mule will need name changed to somethng more thoroughbred?

    Cavalry not Calvary?

  2. Jules, I'm happy to find your comments and know that I haven't lost my internet editor!

    I think my carbon footprint is breaking even- this house is much tighter and hangs onto the cool air instead of letting everything out. Before I had to wash three loads of laundry to one here and the cycles took forever. Washing sheets in hot water is amazing, they look so much cleaner. Plus it is really hot and sunny so everything is drying even on the rack in a snap! It's a good thought and I have thought a lot about it. I'm not sure how I would measure it, but it feels like progress to me. The stove scars the dickens out of me- blast flames erupt when I start it. I miss my Japanese fish grill (for toast).

    Not sure I can rename the Mule at this point though the hubby loved your "mini Uma" name for her.



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