Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Best Waffles Ever

Once upon a time, I read a cook book with an interesting waffle recipe-- you leave it overnight. When we moved to Japan, our cookbooks and our waffle maker went into storage. From time to time, I would wonder about this recipe.

Have you ever gone shopping and something catches your eye?  You weren't planning to buy any thing so you stick to your guns and you go home without it. However, it haunts you. Eventually, you go back to find it. Depends on your luck, sometimes it's gone, sometimes it's still there.

With my parents in town, a birthday breakfast to celebrate, and clamoring from the wee ones here a bouts, I decided it was time to make the long thought about waffle recipe.

I love no brainer breakfasts-- you come into the kitchen and you know exactly what you will cook/eat. When it was just myself in the morning, I used to know-- crunchy granola, yogurt, fruit, toast, and tea, queen of the carbs. Now, I have to consider what others will eat, need to eat, and would like to eat.

With it's five cups of flour, it makes a lot of waffles so this is for when you have a slumber party, family in town, or you can eat waffles two or three days in a row.

I live with an exacting Mule who can detect the slightest notes of sour, sweet, bitter, and any other deviations that only a pure palate can detect. She deemed the original recipe bitter, but she eats her waffles plain-- no syrup, no fruit, and no yogurt-- with a side of tofu. The rest of us wolfed down the lightest, tastiest waffles ever.  I altered the recipe slightly, and tried again. She deemed them, "The best waffles EVER!"

They are so worth thinking of the night before.

Yeasted Buttermilk Waffles 
adapted from Beth Hensperger's Baking Bread: Old and New Traditions p. 131
makes about 12 waffles

Active dry yeast, 1 Tbsp
Sugar, 5 Tbsp
Buttermilk, 4 cups
Butter, melted, 3/4 cup
Salt, 2 tsp
All-purpose flour, 4 3/4 cups
Whole Wheat flour, 1/4 cup
Eggs, 4 beaten
Baking soda, 1 1/2 tsp

The night before serving, mix altogether until smooth. Store in the fridge, covered, overnight. The next morning, heat your waffle iron and cook as directed. Try them with pureed fruit and cream fraiche, yogurt and fruit, or, the usual suspects, maple syrup and butter.
Yeasted Buttermilk Waffle mix

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