Thursday, November 22, 2012

To Feast, To Fast

I'm quite sure this good fellow who was busy trying to stay cool in August will be served hot for someone's Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thanksgiving

I have thought about feasting in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, not so much a menu, but in the concept of feasting. Feasting and fasting are not widely practiced in (my experience of) American culture-- just the feasting part and that seems either to be too often or with processed food. Fasting is relegated to those with food issues like bulimia and anorexia and thus is a tarnished practiced. Periods of feasting and fasting have been part of human existence. In a privileged world if we gorge on bounty all of the time, it is difficult to discern our feast days. We need more soup days or perhaps a meal or two skipped.

Relish every bite of the mashed potatoes with gravy, a favorite kind of stuffing (cranberry or sage?), and the hot buttered rolls. If pie is your thing, perhaps a few slivers of each kind will grace your tastebuds. A walk always refreshes the appetite on a holiday. Notice I delight in carbohydrates. I suspect the protein intake in America is covered. I worry more about those who eat bad bread, fake butter, and jars of gravy. Do try to make it yourself as there is nothing more grand than the delight of growing yeast and sauce scrapped from the dregs of a pan.

Today we feast, tomorrow we fast, but everyday we can give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. That big fellow would have been happy with out vegetarian meal with seven grains.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


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