Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Ask

Over lunch yesterday a friend encouraged me to "just ask." I want to write an article but I don't have a publisher for the article so I am hesitant to approach people and ask for their time. When she said, "Just ask," she was encouraging me to let people decide (not me) if they would open up. Her experience is that if you ask about something people are passionate about, they love to talk and they share willingly.

Scrolling Facebook after posting the sushi cake recipe, I saw this video from a friend. It's from November 2008 by Playing for Change: Peace through Music project. It is a cover of  Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" by street musicians from around the world. It struck me that someone probably just asked these guys to sing and forty million views later, we're all still experiencing the magic of those moments. Admittedly, I have a history with this song, from nursing school, that makes me pause, go back in time, and savor a magical moment. In a Florida nursing home filled mainly with elderly people shuffling about in a common room and quite a few wheel chair bound folks, a fellow nursing student began playing this song on the piano key board with some abandon. Patients, nursing students, and even some of the staff belted out the lyrics and then as if it never happened, everyone returned to normal. It was the quiet afterward that seared the memory for me. 

How beautiful we are when we let the light from within Shine! 

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