Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Link Love

I've managed to garner some version of publicity, read links to my web pages, Cooking in Athens and this blog, of late. Intending to update my press pages, I noted an old blog entry Let Them Eat Sushi Cake was getting new attention. I followed it to a link from HuffPost Taste! I had been asked about the link sometime ago but when nothing seemed to come of it, I thought it had been left out.

Attention is wonderful-- a connection to the outside world is emerging! This may only last fifteen seconds in the internet age as opposed to Andy Warhol's idea of fifteen minutes of fame so I might as well enjoy it.

Making tangible things like a crusty loaf of bread, tweaking a recipe from Japan for America, and blogging here are my version of creativity. Like anyone working alone without a feedback loop, I have to stop myself more often than not from wondering if there is any value or use in what I do. The problem is I don't think I'm particularly good at making these things since every which way I turn, someone is doing it better. However, when I get to this place, I force myself to return to process and the creative act as my source for considering whether my time is well spent. I like doing what I do! Internal appreciation can wander nonetheless.

Over gumbo, green salads, and crusty bread, my in-laws mentioned that they needed to return home by a certain hour to watch Downton Abbey, a television show set in the 1920s, gripped by the social divide of the gentry and house staff. There is some frustration that my husband and I do not watch television as conversation cannot ensue beyond, "It's wonderful!" and "You should watch it." You can download about anything so we could watch TV if we wanted to, but the thing is, we don't. My grimace at the mere mention of TV is because to me it is not a pleasure whatever the show.

I realize there is a perception of relief that life can be turned over to the drama, comedy, etc., unfolding on TV for some or perhaps the thrill of a game for others, but I don't want to withdraw my brain. I want to use my brain! When I am finally free at day's end to have a thought to myself, I want to follow it. I ignored the longing to create so long that I'm more reformed creator zealot than anything. Call me thirsty.

I have my own race to run. Watching TV for me is like giving up, not trying. I barely have time to do the stuff I have to do. I'd rather read a book, write a blog entry, make a munster giggle, sit in a tub full of hot water, or think about yet another impossibly crazy project to try. This is me. Besides it is so cool to make stuff! And my bread is getting better which means it will soon be awful.

My intention to update my press links was due to having submitted a one liner bio for an upcoming reading I will do for Women Speak. I realized that my submission was weak and in need of a more professional tweak. I sent an email request with an updated bio only to receive link a few hours later to the published list. All of my fears materialized. My one liner bio is indeed dreadful. Here's the link and the evidence that just because I've gotten a tidbit of link love, that I don't know what I'm doing online. I persevere anyway. Call me Rocky.

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