Saturday, April 13, 2013

For a bride and groom

Today, you are crossing a threshold. The miracle of finding each other gives way to the greater, more audacious, adventure of life together. Places, circumstances, and our interests change. You will have many marriages within this one. Hold steady to the good, the calm, and the gentle, and each will brim with love. There is no one way, but it might help to remember:

*Love each other as you are, you can only change yourself.

*If you find yourself picking faults, let go. 

*Please and thank you always feel nice, be courteous.

*Play is vital to our being and happiness, dance often.

*This is life, not a game-- no keeping score.

*It may not all be the fairytale we imagined, look with your heart (not the critical eye).

*Sometimes you need to chuck your ego and choose love over being right.

*It’s hard to say what you mean, sometimes it’s just better to sit quietly and hold hands.

*Laughter, sleep, and fresh air help everything.

You're going to be great at this-- look who's coming with you!
Love, Kim

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  1. Great advice, even for those of us who have crossed the 50 year mark!


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