Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Beginning to Look Like Spring

The blush of sunrise contrasts with the dark sticks of tree limbs that still await the touch of spring. While my parents in Florida have already had the azaleas and dogwood blooms fall off, we barely have buds.

Meanwhile, the time crunch of life has left me with no opportunity to turn the brain scraps jotted on various bits of paper into coherent thoughts. Taxes, trips, health concerns, paperwork, and a workshop have been unavoidable priorities. A trip to the bead shop, time impersonating the Easter Bunny (with lukewarm success), and some garden planning did manage to squeeze into my days somehow, just not the walk, writing, and quiet time I like to have.

A garden plot has been identified in our yard. It is a small, but with enough sunshine, I think, to sustain some of the Japanese herbs and vegetable varieties that we miss. A seed company in California specializes in the varieties used in Japan. A rabbit fence is in place, but not a deer fence. I may or may not end up with much in the garden if the deer find it. Despite city living here in the hills of Ohio, rabbit and deer are munching their way through the neighbor’s first growth of spring bulbs. A batch of seedlings in the sun room await the warming of the earth.

The Mule, a faithful bird watcher, is thrilled with the avian activities of spring-- the nest building, sightings of doves, turkey vultures, hawks, and others unknown, and the variety of bird songs all around. The newly turned compost and earthworms is a hot bed of earthworm hunting for the orange belly hoppers (robins).

Welcome spring! It’s been a while.

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