Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrations, Collaborations, & Creations

Walking from the bar to the table carrying two beers, I’m happy with myself for finally being able to have an adult beverage in a place where I’ve mostly had meals with kids. A group of smart women are gathered to celebrate one member's achievement, and I’m excited for the chance to talk. I miss brainy women who drink brews and chat. Since the arrival of children, five years abroad in Japan with not so great Japanese, and a move away from all known friends, time for relaxed adult conversation (I can understand) is never enough.

Have you ever considered that Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is an interpretation of creating and childrearing? I’ve got to hang out with more English professors!

Later, walking to the elementary school ice cream social, I asked my neighbor for ideas for communicating with other parents to get the word out that the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) needs to raise funds for portable computers. The teachers want more computers than the PTO can buy along with some playground equipment this summer. The neighbor, who specializes in communications, had a great suggestion. I had to laugh at myself for the answer which amounted to, “Let’s ask!” By the end of the ice cream social fifteen names were on paper committed to buying fifteen of the wanted twenty-five computers. Old fashioned face to face time when I was expecting tweet, facetime, or something!

This town is percolating with ideas and action everywhere I go, but you have to show up and you have to ask.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a few bead projects. I also helped a friend set up her website as part of my, "Your customers need to know what you are up too!" discussion. It surprised me that she was happy to have someone just do it. It will change and morph over time as she finds her way, vision, and time to express her business on the web, but in the meantime, it felt great to be part of putting her out there. If you're lucky enough to arrive at the Athens Farmers Market at ten on a Saturday morning which is when it opens and just before she sells out, you can eat one of her tasty tartlets. Feel free to like her Facebook page and check out her blog which I also tinkered with for her. I did not make it to the market in time this morning for her yummy creations, but you can look at some of mine.

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