Thursday, July 18, 2013


My sister-in-law told me about a spread that tastes like gingerbread cookies. It took an hour before I asked, "Can we get some?" We picked up a jar of speculoos at her neighborhood Trader Joe's. However, it traveled back home with me before it was sampled. My husband is nonplus about it, but my son and I can eat speculoos by the spoonfuls, one bite to nirvana.

Speculoos is a crispy shortcrust cookie made with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger cardamon, and white pepper. It is a  traditional Dutch treat made for St. Nicholas' Feast in December that since about 2007 has been enjoyed as a spread. It was inspired by factory workers that put the cookies on the their buttered toast in the morning and found that by lunch it was a tasty treat.

There is a shortage of speculoos spread which is made from the cookies and is vegan. It can sometimes be found at CVS, but it's elusive in Athens and on the internet. Though the original sample came from Trader Joe's, they are always out of stock as is another favorite online resource, Vitacost. I've been fueling my speculoos consumption with supplies garnered from an airline connection, Biscoff. It is available in both a crunchy or creamy consistency, we-- the kiddo and I-- prefer the crunchy. There are also recipes on the internet for making the spread from the cookies.

If you have yet to sample speculoos, like spices in your cookies, and know that everything tastes better on buttered toast, then you need to try some!

Speculoos Spread

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