Saturday, October 5, 2013

Showing Up for Art & Film

I'm impressed at what the College Town Film Festival has brought to Athens-- from the films to the talent, from LA to the UK. What a creative feast!
Julian Doyle teased out the language of translating screenplays and words into films and brought his film Twilight of the Gods. 
Eric Zudak and Mike Petty explained the impetus behind their film Karaoke Man. 
Director, Malcolm Goodwin, and writer, Cameron Fife, told Annie Howell of their adventure in making their first feature film for $45,000, A True Story. 

Last night I asked Carrie Preston, director and producer of That's What She Said, the final film of the festival, about why she was here in Athens. "I want people to see my movie," she replied. The opening scene of Anne Heche brushing her teeth while smoking a cigarette is iconic.

Small towns, like Athens, are lucky to have universities that support the arts. However, whatever art form you enjoy, an audience is a necessity.

Athenians dust off your shoes and get to the Athena tonight at 7pm for the film and for the Q&A afterward with Carrie and Pearl Gluck, visiting film professor at Ohio University.

Show up for the artist, art, and for the creative fuel to which you will give yourself wherever you live!

Carrie Preston brings a touch of Hollywood to Athens, Ohio

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