Saturday, December 7, 2013

Packaging Exercise

Dying my hair is not so much an expression of style or hipness-- reverse ombre it hot on Pinterest and here on the streets of Athens, the candy colored Kool-Aid red dyed hair has caught my eye-- as a nod toward reality. My roots are over forty and they are slowing giving way to a lighter color. I'm cool with wrinkles and gray hairs, but I don't mind a touch of hair dye, a dab of mascara, and a dose of exercise to keep it at least superficially in a more attractive package. There is a certain kind of pleasure with unwrapping a beautiful package or thoughtfully designed box when the outside matches the inside. 

Changes on the interior front have more often absorbed my interest, but of late I've come to realize that I have a body to bring along with me that needs more attention than I have traditionally given it. 

Recently, I've taken to dragging myself out for more walks, begun flitting with jogging intervals, stretching in Pilates classes, and attending Rolfing sessions. Admittedly, the pursuit of suppleness, staying in my pant size, and better sleep are the driving forces. I am tickled by a new motivation trick I've discovered: taking an iPod to listen to stories (not pulse pounding rock music). The desire to listen at longer intervals keeps me outside. The relief of stretching out the core tightness reminds me of the benefits of sticking with Pilates. The mounting need to have an elephant stomp on my back led me to Rolfing sessions which have restored some of the missing flow in my left shoulder. 

I wrangle between the need to attend to the body and a love of diving deep into my head, but it is the sheer imbalance (read lack of exercise) that drives the need for physical activity even in winter.

Winter in Ohio charms me, but even on a  morning after snowfall has me both wishing for more cold and snow (to cross country ski) and for an onsen outside amongst rocks and moonlight so that I could drift along with the steam rising from the hot waters into the air. 

Alas, life is not one thing, but many.

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