Saturday, December 14, 2013

Brushing by Firelight

Sadly. I often feel pressed for time-- one more word to write, one more minute to straighten up or put away, one more thing to do. Partly I realize I have to make different choices, but it helps to make the choice you want to make more attractive especially if you're not one to historically do the right thing.

Consider brushing your teeth, brushing for two full minutes is recommended. However, I think of brushing my teeth for two full minutes as a vanity plug. Let's just say that I'm not motivated to brush for two full minutes because I know my short cut method keeps cavities away. Still I aim to do better, but I've been vexed. 

I got an electric tooth brush that blips at thirty second intervals. Now, I'm acutely aware of the need to be brushing for longer, except I struggle to stay at it.. 

It came to me tonight. Drum roll please. The secret? Sit by a fire. Two minutes? I've got ten.

When did life get so complicated that we thought we needed more than fire?

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