Sunday, June 8, 2014

Planting Borage, Playing War

Two boys separated for a week by a beach vacation by one, greet each other with nerf guns. It's early, I'm poking borage into the garden. The boys discuss their options for war.

"Let's do Vietnam," says the Moose. "Um, Cold War," says the other. I look up to the balcony where they are surveying the terrain. They laugh. The Moose says, "They just looked at each other in the Cold War." The other fires a shot and runs, calling out, "Vietnam!"

I sit back on my haunches and wonder if those who endured the Cold War would appreciate the stare off assessment.

I planted the borage for its brilliant blue blossoms that are edible as well as for the bees.

Borage (bees love it) is also edible

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