Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I spent day outside in the sun and on the hills sweating with a Girl Scout troop hike.

I wanted to bring popsicles for an after-hike treat. This got me thinking about popsicle molds versus wrappers. I went in search of plastic wrappers and found zipsicles online at Amazon. You fill them with juice or fruit, stash them in the freezer upright, and then once frozen, take them where needed to be consumed (cool packs were used).

The day before the hike I unexpectedly had to spend the day at Boy Scout Camp so I texted my resident Girl Scout and asked her to make the popsicles. She rummaged through the shelves and stock and made a variety of flavors including barley tea, mango juice, and Blue Hawaii. She liked using the zipsicle bags and requested that everyone return the wrappers so that she could wash and reuse them.

They aren't ideal, thanks to the plastic waste, but they do work for events like a day hike and they were the perfect treat on a hot and sweaty day! Using our own juice and fruit was so much better than eating food dye and high fructose corn syrup.

Here's to a popsicle summer!

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