Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leaving Campers

My husband and I left our children at summer camp. There were repressed looks of panic if you know their faces. They waved us off anyway.

Later, I asked my husband if he was concerned about the kids looking so stoic. He said, "They're Japanese white people. Of course they aren't going to complain and tell you they're scared." I laughed at the veracity of that statement. 

As we drove off, I spotted our non-sports-interested son standing on a basketball court with his hands in his pockets. When I wondered aloud if we should have perhaps sent him to some kind of Roman history camp, my husband said, "The families dropping kids off at camp looked pretty normal honey. Parents going to a Roman history camp might not be so normal looking." I chuckled, okay, he knows how to reassure me. He also reminded me that our son cracked a smile at his counsellor's joke as we departed.

I thought this week of summer camp would be a slam dunk, but like most things, it's a mixed bag. Nonetheless, note the pool with four slides. The kiddos are in for a treat. 

My husband suggested we watch Meatballs. I countered with American Hustle. We've got a German victory to celebrate-- sauerkraut and pickles to make, and then there's my bit part in the film. However, I turned off the do not disturb setting on my phone, just in case.

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