Saturday, August 22, 2015

Binge Watching Movies

My life is full of things like, "My shoulder hurts," or, "I'm hungry," and even the, "I can't stop thinking about this thing I saw on YouTube," stuff. Yeah, me either, I inwardly bemoan. Turfing these minor problems back to the encroaching party is like playing a very long tennis match, back and forth, unrelentingly, and then I feel awful for wishing that I could just do some one thing without an interruption.

If there's some life lesson in all this focus on others business, I keep missing it which is probably why I keep reliving the problem. So I press for mealtimes, routines, PG ratings, and limited excitement at bedtime in acquiescence to the reality that parenthood has put me in charge of everyone's stomach, brain, and schedule. But. Sometimes. I want to stay up late. Watch three movies in a row. Eat guacamole for dinner. Sometimes I wish I was on a jet plane so I could watch whatever I want for as long as I want or at least until someone has to go to the bathroom.

The last time I binged watched three movies in a row on terra firma, one of the films was La Femme Nikita which means it was some time after 1990. It's easier, ok, quieter, to read a book or type a story. I hide behind book covers that can be opened to that page I've read three times, or I try to conjure the thought I was having that keeps flitting about my head like dust particles on a windy spring day with the windows open.

Some day I'll be lonely and no one will want me to find their I heart Germany t-shirt, but I'm guessing I'll be glued to the TV watching fifty years of cinema that I've missed. 

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