Saturday, August 29, 2015

Poetry on Chocolate Wrappers

My fav chocolate bar, almond and sea salt, gets deployed for a variety of excuses ranging from menstrual cycles, happy days, to today's post recovery from heatstroke/hypoglycemia after bicycling on a hot day without water longer than my usual twenty minute rush uptown. The best part? It was the last piece of chocolate so I got to read the poem inside the wrapper. "I got a golden ticket," knocks about in my head when this happens as does that Harry Potter had to eat chocolate to feel better, I applaud that practice heartily.

Poetry printed on the inside of chocolate wrappers is a marvelous thing. However, I have to admit, sometimes the poems are over my head even though they sound fabulous. Maybe it's language of long ago, some structural thing that I don't comprehend, my thick skull, or general lack of experience with poetry. For me, it's the thrill of finding the poem like getting the toy in a Cracker Jacks box. It adds an extra dose of happiness in the moment of discovery.

Surprisingly, more packaging doesn't contain artistic nips of poetry like bad jokes on Bazooka bubblegum or self-help mantras. It's an opportunity to cheerlead the customer.

Tonight my daughter asked me, "If you could redecorate the world, would you do it?" Thinking of the great undertaking it would be, I turned down the offer. Surprised, my daughter said, "You wouldn't redecorate the world to make it better for poor people, put in nice bathrooms, plant more trees?" I replied, "I didn't know that's what you meant by redecorate."

Now that I think about it, more trees would be a fine an addition to the world and maybe more poems on more packaging to inspire us all, rich or poor.

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