Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Full Frontal Eyeballing

My husband always says, "I could do surgery on you when you're reading, you don't notice a thing." That's what I get for being great at hyper focusing at home. I'm happiest when I get to let my mind wander, but it turns out that most people are happiest when they focus (see Matt Killingsworth's research on track your happiness). Maybe I'm happiest when I get to focus on what I want to focus on, but I think of it as mind wandering?

Here's a focus suggestion for you.

Get a loved one, zip your lips, set a timer for four minutes, and stare into their eyes, full frontal eye balling, go! No loved one? Get a friend and drop the time to one minute. 

What did you think about? Share that. It's kind of cool. It's kind of weird. We don't just look at each other enough. 

Attend to the people in your life, look deeply at them. You just might enjoy life and them a bit more.

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