Saturday, January 16, 2016

80s Night: Everybody needs to dance more

At my first eighties night in thirty years, the Casa DJ spun the dance tunes that even I, only slightly into music and without cash to buy many tapes or albums, remember- C'mon Eileen, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Like a Virgin. I'm still a Cyndi Lauper fan. People dance with their phones glowing in their hands now which just seemed wrong, maybe odd.

It's weird to dance again, I mean I sort of remember how, but I mostly dance around the house, but even that has been a while. 

One should wear ear plugs when dancing in front of giant speakers with a gyrating dance floor belting out all the tunes. I saw a student; I figure it's eighties night, that was my decade, students deserve to see a teacher out having fun. 

The music took a tentative turn toward the unknown at midnight, we left, but first we walked past students assembled out the door and down to the corner of the street; I had no idea. 

I watched a TED talk today on messiness. The stranger, the destructive act, the uncomfortable silence- they feel awkward, but they are good for us.

 Everybody needs to dance more.

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