Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A decade ends and so does this

My son has been reading this blog of late. (I don't even remember everything I've written about, but I don't think I ever expected my kids to read it!). He asked me to close out the blog with the decade. It got me thinking about the past decade, the decade of moving from Japan to Ohio, from working at home to working at the college.

My son asked me why I don't write much anymore.

Writing is wonderful and hard. It's hard to get it right, to say something meaningful. It's hard to know how to make it better. Since a million people weren't salivating over the blog, it was easy to let go of it. Now, I write and rewrite a lot for my job; I am focused on teaching and telling stories in that venue.

Still, I've thought for a long time about writing a novel or script. I haven't let the idea that I've had take root, so it may float away to someone who will nurture it. Nonetheless, for now, a vague sense of it comes floating my way and then recedes from my thoughts. If I return to writing, I'd like to let this story find the space to stretch, to grow, to see where it takes me. However, I need to do research and think a lot more which takes a lot of time.

The thick of life with family, work, a few friends, means that I have to have both hope and a burning desire to write again to relentlessly pursue that story. It's scary to commit to a story idea, a world that may or may not bear fruit; it's also appalling to think that what if I don't shepherd that story? There's a part of me that thinks, it will find another author. There's a part of me that thinks, why me? There's a part of me that thinks, never say no to yourself, let the world do that, not you.

As this decade ends, my wish for you? That you never say no to you, and that the world takes whatever you give it and loves it all up!

Peace out...

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