Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hear the wind

Quietness will not likely become a major issue in my life any time soon with my kids still afoot, but I am beginning to get glimpses of that life to come. My son made a paper air plane and a boat at "yochien fun day" while I watched- no peppering me for tape and doing it. Kind of a new direction. Later when we went swimming at the indoor pool, I watched my children swim to me from the wall. I haven't been in the water much with them since they started swimming lessons so that was fun to see. I am not worried my mama job is coming to an end any time soon, but I am ever hopeful I will get more quiet time as life evolves. How is that my most cherished desire is uninterrupted time? I think I don't even have five minutes to myself, but I must somewhere in the day.

Modern life does not provide much quiet time considering lobbies full of TVs, offices full of music, and endless droning in meetings of whatever sort one must attend. My husband told me one reason he likes his hometown is that you can hear the wind there. I feel whistful at the thought. I don't watch TV so I am not up on all the shows people mention, and I don't really want to watch TV any more. Quiet time is so rare- time to talk, time to listen to music, time to read, time to let my imagination float is what I go for when I get it. Then when I have the time, movies.

Today I liked watching my son make his boat, I liked watching the kids make swimming strokes, and I liked watching Robin Hood at the movies though Gladiator was better. Could have been more slugging it out for me. Guess that is the contrast to my quiet nature.

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