Friday, May 21, 2010

The people who show up

Nanny passed away today. My husband flew home to be with his family this morning. The powers to be had the charming parting words of, "if you think you really need to go." Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with the world and this is one of those comments that both annoys & disappoints me. Nice send off for a man going to a funeral. My husband's response was, "Nanny was at every important event in my life." That is really what counts, the people who show up.

The Mule's Lemonade stand
Today my daughter set up a lemonade stand in front of our house. She gloomily sat there for a bit, later she got inspired & started bellowing out, "Ishamiset" (like all Japanese shopkeepers). I was worried no one would buy from her so I emailed our friend telling her about the sale. They showed up, thermos in hand, so they could take it home. Other friends stopped by in their car and had a cup too. A few dog walkers stopped. Yeah, it is really about showing up for me today.

May Nanny rest in peace & may the rest of us be blessed to live 97 years & remember to show up to all the important events in our loved ones lives.


  1. Amen. So sorry on every possible level.

  2. How beyond heartless for anyone to think much less say those comments. I am so sorry for you loss.


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