Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Same Amount of Time

I read in a magazine that the difference between Jennifer Anniston & everybody else was simply that she does all the stuff to take care of herself the rest of us know we should. I also remember the surgeon general some time ago when I lived in DC saying that we all have the same amount of time in a day, it is what we do with it. Generally I just go day to day with time and use it up, but having read The Happiness Project it made me think how I am not focused on doing things that I think I want to do. I am not Jennifer Anniston & I am not the surgeon general, but I could add a few things to try to work in everyday. I want to work with ideas and books. I am interested in writing a children's book.

I had a note from a cookbook writer today. Elizabeth Andoh is clearing her schedule- canceling all of her classes to focus on promoting her new cookbook due in the fall Kansha. We all have competing interests. I think there is some room to clear out activities and time users that are keeping me from some things I want to do.

Sometimes when I really do something, like writing this blog, I find out if I really want to continue it. I either move on or I continue. It is much simpler than constantly wondering if I could do it. I started kendo lessons at Hachimangu's Budo Hall, and though I loved the spiritual aspects of kendo, I realized I was kind of afraid of all of the whacking and foot work necessary for the sport. I was able to move on without looking back.

Today a friend and I enjoyed the bamboo and matcha tea at Hokokuji. Later we walked over to Jomyoji and enjoyed the gardens and tea house there. In between we talked about encouraging each other in writing and idea development for a children's story. She gave me some great suggestions. Now I have some new steps to take that I would not have done on my own.

Another new previously abandoned habit I have restarted is underlining in books I read. Twyla Tharp advocated the marking up of books one reads in The Creative Habit. I like being able to skim books and find favorite passages. I rarely reread the whole book, but I do skim them.

By tweaking my habits I aim to get a bit more out of my time.

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