Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty in the hands

Today is gray and damp. Yesterday was sunny and green when I took this picture. I felt enlivened by this garden. This garden interests me because it is nature made better by the hands of people who lovingly shaped and pruned the bushes. I love all of the roundness here and how it flows one into the other. The image stuck with me. Its beauty reconnected me with some spiritual part of myself. It made me think about how shaping our world, our experience, is important. Perhaps my desire to connect and shape things, is also a quest toward making my world beautiful. Leaving nature raw and unformed is only one way of seeing. Fabricating and shaping things allows me to see it another way. I like that thought. Last week I was happy to transform 10kg of oranges into marmalade. Today I am happy to transform this picture into a beautiful thought on a gloomy day.

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