Thursday, June 9, 2011

Loose tooth, loose ends

The moose lost his first tooth tonight while eating dinner. He was shocked! The tooth had been wiggling for weeks. He couldn't eat after it happened, saying, "I feel a little shocked and nervous." He look like he had seen a ghost or Godzilla arriving in Kamakura. I asked him if he wanted to leave his tooth for the Tooth Fairy. His response? "I need some time. Maybe six days. Can you ask her for some time. I am not ready yet." This moose is getting more complicated by the day. He is wearing me out- mad about how I made pancakes this morning, mad that someone played with his Playmobil soldiers, mad that his friend is faster on his bike. Maybe I am just too tired.

The mule on the other hand has been getting her homework done everyday wihtout struggle. She does what she is asked. She has been out to see the hotaru fireflies every night with her friend. She is keeping close tabs on the summer developments. She and her friend are planning their first sleepover during the summer break.

Meanwhile I want to leave Japan. I am tired of being by myself when the kids obviously need more support. I am tired of the stress on the Moose. I dislike not being able to talk with other mothers and share in the work of the PTA and class meetings. I am tired of not knowing what to do in social situations. I am tired of the yen exchange rate being terrible. I am tired of my husband working too much. I am tired.

However, I enjoyed having lunch with the mother's from the Mule's class today. I asked them to please come and do some baking or something to share some American culture with me. I must remember to try making fried rice with pineapple and bits of red and green peppers- it was delicious!

I hope I feel better in the morning.


  1. Boo :-( I am sorry that you are feeling down and tired. I understand about wanting to know more about school and feeling like part of the group with the Japanese mamas...I guess that's what I'll have when I get to CA except that Tim will be working a lot...
    I would rather stay here and not have the camaraderie with Yochien moms. At least I wouldn't have to worry about the safety of my kids and enjoy the Japanese culture at the same time :-)
    Hope your week gets better! Let me know if you want to meet for coffee one morning :-)

  2. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, kiddo, but I can't get beyond "the grass isn't always greener . . ." this morning. Speaking the same language doesn't always translate into having something else in common with another parent. I've crossed paths with hundreds of other parents at dozens of American schools over the years but can say with hindsight that only one was/is a kindred spirit and that relationship took four years to blossom.


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